Our church supports the following ministries

Niger, World Missions. CRWM www.crwm.org

Case and Gremar Van Wyk have worked in Nigeria, West Africa since 1973 and 1974. They got married and had three children there. They worked in Nigeria from 1973 to 1997 with a four year break for seminary. After 13 years of parish ministry, including Home Missions in the US, they retired and returned as volunteers to Nigeria to work in Niger State for the Christian Reformed Church in Nigeria in 2010, 2011,and 2012. They return this year as Associate Missionaries to teach at the Warari Bible School and to encourage pastors and evangelists by teaching Timothy Leadership Training (TLT) materials in Niger State for the next two years. You may contact the Van Wyks at cgvanwyk5@gmail.com, and check out their work at archives  www.heavenhigh.org. Please pray for them. You may support them at www.crwm.org

Haiti, World Missions. CRWM www.crwm.org

Tony and Mary Dekoter work as volunteers in Haiti as Teacher and Nurse. Tony, after retiring from a career as Christian School principal in Canada looks forward to serving Christ as a teacher at the Quisqueya Christian School in Port-Au-Prince. Mary has volunteered multiple times in Haiti at the Children of the Promise Orphanage, and now looks forward to serving in several capacities at the Quisqueya Christian School. They leave family and friends behind and raised most of their own funding. We as a church are committed to praying for them, for their family, and for the work in Haiti. Check out their blog. Hope for Haiti

Alpha Women’s Center (Newaygo) www.newaygoalpha.com/

The mission of Alpha Women’s Center is to affirm and promote the sanctity of human life, the values of the family, and Biblical sexuality in our community. It is our resolve to withhold attitudes of judgment and condemnation, projecting instead attitudes of love, support, and service to our clients. By creating such an atmosphere, we can then assist women as they develop more fully as individuals, and take significant steps towards more rewarding lifestyles.

Forgotten Man Ministy www.forgottenman.org

Forgotten Man Ministries brings together inmates, chaplains, and layworkers in the study and ministry of God’s Word. Jails across Michigan use the FMM volunteers and chaplains to conduct one-on-one counselling, worship services, prayer meetings, rehab classes, and Bible studies for inmates. Please consider joining the FMM team in obedience to the Gospel call to “remember those in bonds.”

World Renew (Disaster Relief) www.worldrenew.net

Formerly, the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC), World Renew is a relief, development, and educational ministry of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.

CRWRC partners with local agencies that understand local needs. Together CRWRC and its partners find ways to provide lasting change for people in more than 30 countries around the world.

CRWRC believes that by helping people help themselves the chains of poverty can be stripped away.

CRWRC is driven by the call of Micah 6:8b: “And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”