About Us


Who are we? We are a church plant of the Christian Reformed Church of North America.  (See links for further information.)  Our parent church is Trinity CRC of Fremont.  We are supported by Classis Muskegon, several supporting local congregations (First CRC of Fremont, Trinity CRC of Fremont, Grant CRC, Hillcrest CRC, Hope CRC of Grandville) and the members of NCCN.

For a brief personal history, clink on this link.  NCCN Brief History

Services: New Community Church invites you to Sunday morning services at 11.00 am. Join this group of thankful people forgiven by God and desirous of serving him.

Family Night: Every  Wednesday evening, we have an in depth Bible Study, right after we have supper together.  It is a good time for fellowship and study.  It begins at 6 p.m.  We try to leave by 7:45, but sometimes we talk a bit longer.

PEOPLE CARE: We picked the name New Community knowing that there are people who need a new beginning and a “new community.” Are you such a person? Jesus came down to save sinners.  His concern is people. Jesus said: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Our goal church’s goal is to extend to you the invitation of Jesus and become disciples of Jesus.  Come grow with us in the faith, as we follow our Lord, Savior and Redeemer.


We are committed:

to leading Christ-centered lives guided by the Holy Spirit.

to the Bible as our infallible guide for faith and life.

to prayer as a way of life.

to worship gratefully celebrating God’s goodness and love.

to having loving and authentic relationships influence every aspect of church life.

as Christians to a thoughtful and biblically rooted integration of faith and learning.

to accepting and helping persons of all ages grow in Christ, regardless of position, spiritual maturity or ability.

PURPOSE: Our purpose is to serve God by helping people. New Community Church wants to glorify God through worship, evangelism, education, service in the community and fellowship with each other and our neighbors. We the people of NCCN want to deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ. Further, we want to reach-out to all those in need of Christ’s healing and love, and to those who want to find acceptance by a group of Christians dedicated to love, to pray for and to disciple one another.

MISSION: Celebrate God’s Reconciling Love . . . that our public worship be the focal point of a way of life that glorifies God, is centered in Christ, and responds to one another in love.

Reach out to those who do not yet know the love of Christ . . . that the programs and preaching in our church inspire, challenge and enable us to share the Gospel in our community and beyond.

To be transformed by God’s Spirit . . . that we have unity in the Spirit of Christ, use the gifts that God has given us and be a people who love and care for one another by building each other up in Christ.

We want to bring to a broken world God’s saving truth, forgiveness of sin, concern for justice, and healing compassion.